It was a mammoth victory

Last updated : 27 April 2003 By Martyn Elliott

Sir Bobby

"It was not only a good win, it was vital. It was a mammoth victory for us, so I'm pleased.

"A lot will be spoken about the goal at the end from Kyle, but I think television evidence will support the fact that Flo fouled Shay Given.

"Alan Shearer had one more comfortably in the early part of the game. It was a similar situation and it was ruled illegal, so we had one, they had one. It will get more spoken about because it was at the end, but you've got to be fair.

"They've probably played their best game for weeks, certainly from the reports we've had about them over many, many weeks.

"I think we have to win and draw to be sure (of a Champions League place). We have to get a point in the last match because if we win and they win next week, then it will be on the last match.

"They could both get a point each and with their goal difference, could go above us. I'd have to work it out, but at the moment, if they do get a point each in the last game, they could top us, so it will go to the end."

Sore loser Mick McCarthy

"Yes, I am bemoaning my luck and whinging because we've done everything in that game. We can't do any more than that in terms of playing and effort.

"There weren't too many complaints, you know, from Shay Given, from the defenders, from the bench. It was more a look of acceptance that they'd actually lost two points.

"So yes, I feel hard done by because of that as well. I've not seen it - maybe when I see it I might have to write a letter of apology, but I can't see me doing it.

"Unless somebody can tell me he actually pushed him or barged him or did something that was really out of order and illegal, then I wonder had we been 1-0 up at St James' would it have been the same decision and would I have been walking off with a glum face and one point instead of three?"