Is Charnley The 'New' Dennis Wise?

Last updated : 23 October 2014 By Footy Mad - Editor

He was brought in to "over-look" transfers, when some (and I include some notable reporters here) suggest Alan Pardew didn't know what players were coming through the door!

I've already taken stick this week for naming names, so I will just say "some very good reporter friends" have questioned Pardew's "involvement" in recent transfers.

Yet Charnley himself, who may or may not be behind such dealings, questions the players being brought in!

Newcastle United board members, headed by Charnley, have stated that there can be “no guarantee” that United will sign a striker in the January transfer window because nine players were brought in this last summer.

The question that I would LOVE to ask is ... how much imput did Pardew put into naming the players who arrived?

When asked if the new players were good enough, the reply ...

United told fan forum members: “It was stated that the club had brought in nine players in the previous window in order to take the team forward and that additional attacking players had been pursued.

“The club are continuing to look at potential targets but stressed no guarantee could be made in reference to January.

“The club’s view is that the squad is ultimately different.

“The club continues to assess its playing squad and any areas in which it feels it needs to strengthen.

“The obvious consensus was that the club and fans expected to have more points at this stage of the season.

“The club’s minimum target this season is to finish in the top ten of the Premier League.

“It was suggested that Siem de Jong had been purchased as a key part of the team and his injury had a knock-on effect offensively.

“The club had searched for the number ten it wanted and had secured him.”

So what have we learnt from this?

Personally, in my humble opinion, it asks the question what use is this Fans Forum?

Apparently, according to the Premier League new rules, the club are FORCED to hold meetings with the supporters.

But in doing so, the "fans" are hand picked and the ones who WOULD ask the questions we all want to know the answers to, are banned!