Hugo wants out

Last updated : 01 December 2003 By Martyn Elliott

In the usual scenario when an overseas player travels to his homeland Hugo allegedly told Portuguese journalists that he has had enough and is keen to seal a transfer.  These outbursts, whether actually made or not, are normally followed by a heartfelt denial, so it will be interesting to see whether or not Hugo bothers with that.


"I do not feel myself either physically or psychologically," Hugo apparently said.


"The last two games I have played in have gone very bad.


"Any club would please me. All that interests me is to play well and feel right.


"To play for Newcastle would be the best option, but as I am not, to leave would satisfy me."


Surely if Sir Bobby isn’t going to use Hugo it makes sense to sell him and reinvest the money in an area of the team that is weak, it’s not as if we are short of cover in midfield.  And given the generally low quality of his performances when he has had a chance there seems little reason for Hugo to be back in the team.


The Portuguese youngster looks like he may be Jon Dahl Tomasson Mark II - extremely talented, but not suited to English football and destined to frustrate us by going on to have a decent career on the continent.