How Do We Get Ashley OUT? Give Us A Clue!

Last updated : 26 March 2009 By Footy Mad - Editor
The Sun: "Whelan: Ashley has no class, no dignity and low standards .. he's no Freddy Shepherd".

In an amazing personal assault, Whelan laid into Ashley, the man he is also fighting for control of the troubled JJB Sports empire, and believes he has brought about his own downfall in the Geordie kingdom.

Whelan: "I think he has got what he deserves at Newcastle. It's a very proud club, you don't go in there and lower the standards.

"He cleared the board out and people started walking into his boardroom in replica strips, jeans and trainers. You don't do that at a football club.

"He has no class whatsoever.

"All of the dignity has gone out of the club. Whatever you think of Freddy Shepherd, he had great dignity.

"People say he made a good living out of it, but he was also Newcastle United through and through.

"I see Freddy when I go to Barbados and he is still upset that he is not part of it. I keep expecting him to come back."

Our chief reporter at NU-Mad, Dennis Taylor, wants to know what we can do to get rid of the man who is the cancer in NUFC.

Dennis Taylor: "What can we do, we need this man out.

"Joe Kinnear is on his sick bed, and we wishg him well, but come on ... he cannot possibly be the future of Newcastle United.

"We have Chris Hughton stumbling around in the dark trying to find a winning system by bodging and shuffling his pack, aided and assisted by Colin Calderwood who was kicked out of Nottingham Forest in January.

"And if Forest don't want him, what the hell is he doing here?

"The new supporters club had the right idea of putting pressure on Ashley to sell ... making it plain he was unwelcome in the city.

"Then out of the blue they back-tracked, and came up with some plan to sit down and work beside Ashley, going against everything that was said at the first meeting in the Irish Centre.

"As Newcastle fans we MUST have ONE agenda. You can't change your mind five minutes later and back-track. They've lost all credibility.

"We need to stand together, and chopping and changing is not the way.

"Ashley MUST GO ... and we need to stand together on this!"