Houghton: 'We Won't Go At Arsenal 100mph'!

Last updated : 20 March 2009 By Footy Mad - Editor
Chris Hughton : "It's only normal and natural in the nine games we've got left that you look at games and think you've got better possibilities of getting points in some than others.

"Part of the problem is that if you start going through everybody else and their games, you will end up driving yourself mad.

"We just have to concentrate on our own games and making sure we win enough of those games.

"You have to be calm and divorce yourself from the position you are in.

"You have to be aware of where we are and what is needed to get us out of it.

"It's no good going into games at 100mph - then everything you've worked on goes out the window. So you have to bring yourself out of it.

"But every player knows the score.

"Psychologically, it's already a blow to be where we are now.

"To be in the position we are in now is not very comfortable. We have to get out of it as quick as we can."