"He's Only A Poor Little Hammer ..."

And, of course, there was the incident this season when Glenn Roeder suffered taunts at Upton Park.

Roeder was a target when Newcastle won at Upton Park earlier this season, with Hammers supporters calling him "tumor boy".

Roeder: "I don't hold any grudges against West Ham. I don't want them to go down. I have never wished them any ill-will despite everything that has happened.

"What hurt most of all is I am a kid from East London. My own turned on me.

"I didn't think they scratched the surface deep enough or showed enough intelligence to see the problems I had when I was at the club.

"This weekend's game is not about me against West Ham though. It is about Newcastle and the three points we need, for different reasons, every bit as much as they do. We can never fully repay how badly we let our supporters down in the FA Cup against Birmingham.

"The greatest pleasure I get when we get three points is sending them home happy or down into the town to enjoy themselves. I'll be thinking about them, not West Ham's fans."