Has History Distorted The McGhee And Quinn Partnership?

Last updated : 08 July 2007 By Footy Mad - Editor
Don't get me wrong, McGhee and Quinn DID form a good partnership. But they never played together in the top flight and how can anyone seriously talk about Mick "The Pie Man" Quinn "in the same breath" as Owen and Viduka?

Ask any fan United's top scoring partnership of the last 25 years and the list is frightening - Keegan/Waddle; Keegan/Beardsley; Beardsley/Cole; Shearer/Ferdinand; Shearer/Bellamy; McDonald/Pingel (oooops ... got a bit carried away with that last one). But Quinn and McGhee?

However, looking to the future rather than the past, today declared that Newcastle United's attacking partnership of Mark Viduka and Michael Owen will spread fear throughout Premiership defenders.

McGhee: "For me, the prospect of the pairing is scary. They can both get and make goals for each other. And if Michael stays fit both of them can fire in those goals and Newcastle can profit greatly from it.

"Mick Quinn and I had something we were proud to be part of, and it is flattering to be talked about in the same breath as a potential partnership of Owen and Viduka.

"I think Viduka will bring in exactly what Newcastle need. And from Mark's point of view, it is exactly what he needs at the age of 31.

"No disrespect to Middlesbrough, but they are never going to be as big a side as Newcastle. The United fans demand success and Mark can bring them exactly that.

"He needs to perform consistently to get that success, but even though he is a laid back guy, I think he and Sam can put something together.

"Out of all the clubs I played for in my career, I regard Newcastle as the dearest to me and hold them close to my heart. And I have to say I am excited to see what is happening at St James' Park with the takeover and the new manager coming in.

"Big Sam will certainly shake things up at Newcastle, and that is what has been needed. I think he will bring a different atmosphere to the club and that could make all the difference next season for Newcastle and their fans."