Hang On - Where Are The Mackems?

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In previous seasons the highlight of the release of the league fixtures was always "When do we play the Mackems?"

Sadly (or thankfully) it won't be this season ... or next.

And at the end of the day does it really matter who we play - when and where?

We have to travel to Old Trafford, Anfield, Stamford Bridge and the rest of them at some stage. Does it matter when?

Our record for the first game of the season isn't too bad either. Average at best, but average in the Premier League means we will stay there.

Overall opening day record in the Premier League is P23 W7 D7 L9.


11: Tottenham (h)

18: Cardiff City (a)

25: Chelsea (h)


1: Man City (a)

15: Arsenal (h)

22: Crystal Palace (a)

29: Leicester (h)


6: Man Utd (a)

20: Brighton (h)

27: Southampton (a)


3: Watford (h)

10: Bournemouth (h)

24: Burnley (a)


1: West Ham (h)

5: Everton (a)

8: Wolves (h)

15: Huddersfield (a)

22: Fulham (h)

26: Liverpool (a)

29: Watford (a)


1: Man Utd (h)

12: Chelsea (a)

19: Cardiff (h)

30: Man City (h)


2: Tottenham (a)

9: Wolves (a)

23: Huddersfield (h)

27: Burnley (h)


2: West Ham (a)

9: Everton (h)

16: Bournemouth (a)

30: Arsenal (a)


6: Crystal Palace (h)

13: Leicester (a)

20: Southampton (h)

27: Brighton (a)


4: Liverpool (h)

12: Fulham (a)