Gutierrez - Inspiration To Us All!

Last updated : 26 November 2014 By Footy Mad - Editor

Jonas got the all clear after his battle with cancer and will return to Tyneside next month for that much anticipated meeting with Alan Pardew.

Pardew wanted to get the Newcastle United winger off the wage bill and told him to leave the club.

It was unfortunate timing and Gutierrez has already told the media "I will NEVER forgive Pardew!"

So the meeting could be "interesting".

Hughton and Gutierrez have always had respect for each other, and the former Toon boss says the winger can lead the way for others who find themselves in the same situation.

Chris Hughton (told the Chronicle): “He is somebody who is high profile and very well respected and it’s now what this can do for other people.

“This is something that a lot of people go through and somebody like him is a great example for others now.

"He was always very good for me.

“There are no surprises that he’s come through it because he’s a big player and a big personality.

“He has shown great strength of character through all of this and I’m delighted for him.

"It was probably the Championship season was the making of him in his Newcastle career.

“After I left he went on to do very well for the team. He’s always known as team player not an individual. That’s where he’s got his respect.

“In the promotion season he done very well and went on from there and went from strength to strength. He showed fighting qualities then and of course he’s shown it again now.

“I’m really pleased for him.”