Good Enough For Liverpool ... What About Newcastle?

Last updated : 23 July 2007 By Footy Mad - Editor
And as we won the InterToto last season, why won't UEFA let us defend it?

They let Liverpool defend that tin-pot cup the Champions League when they won it but failed to qualify the following season, so why do we have to sit out Europe?

Yes, I do say it "tongue in cheek". 

It was a cup we didn't even know we'd won until some guy from UEFA gave Freddy Shepherd a call and tried to arrange a date to present it. And even Freddy thought it was a wind-up and phoned the top guy at UEFA for confirmation.

Now let's be honest here, at least Liverpool fans knew they'd WON the Champions League. The Toon were so embarrassed by the InterToto they even sent a supporter to pick it up, rather than skipper Scott Parker.

But I'd love to know if Sam would rather be involved with the competition playing the likes of FK Vetra rather than Celtic, Sampdoria or Juventus?

Personally I think he's probably happy doing what he's doing. But if you happen to bump into him, ask him and see what he says.