Goalkeeper's Union As Strong As Ever At Newcastle

Last updated : 27 May 2013 By Footy Mad - Editor

sPav and Shaka were best of mates; and Shay and Harps were bossom buddies.

Now Tim and Rob are on that same level.

Rob Elliot: “I’d never want Tim to be injured, but whenever you get an opportunity, however it comes, you have to step in.

“I’ve played a few games, and I played in Europe as well.

“You’ve got to keep focused. I’ve been pleased. It was my first time playing in the Premier League and Europe.

“Playing for such a big club, a lot comes with it. I really enjoyed my time playing.

“I felt I’ve given something to the team. I’ve just tried to be positive and bring my game to the team.

"The gaffer said just to be confident and play your game.

“It’s not just ups as a keeper, you get a lot of downs.

“You’ve just got to work hard to make sure there are a lot more ups than downs.

“I was gutted for Tim on a personal level - he’s my mate.

“I don’t want to see him get injured. We work together every day. He’s done well this year and it’s great to see. Hopefully, he’ll be back as quickly as possible.”