Get behind the boys

Last updated : 23 December 2002 By Martyn Elliott

Incensed by a section of supporters who booed Andy O’Brien for passing the ball backwards, Sir Bobby said: "We don't need boo-boys here. There are plenty of other clubs they can go to if they want to boo the players.

"But not here. We don't like boo-boys here.

"We were trying to retain the ball and sometimes you cannot play it forward and all you have to do is play it backwards and start again.

"You have got to use the goalkeeper as a player to bounce the ball forward again.

"So if a player is in danger the goalkeeper is the best outlet.

"It's not good just playing blind and giving the ball away in midfield. Only once did O'Brien not need to play the ball back but nobody gave him a shout and he thought he had a man on him.

"And then he played the ball back and realised he was on his own and sometimes a player does not realise the position he is in.

"So what I say to the fans is 'Hang on, fellas. Settle down. You have paid your money so just enjoy the football and I'll make the changes'."

I’m with Sir Bobby on this one, back the lads during the game and moan / eulogise about them in the pub afterwards.

And if some occasional negative football is what it takes to challenge for the title then I can live with that – it’s not like we’ve been starved of entertainment recently.