Gentle Giant Slams Racism In Belgium

Last updated : 30 January 2007 By Footy Mad - Editor
... and obviously just what we need at the moment.

The Journal report this morning that Onyewu was linked with Belgian tennis star Kim Clijsters, although he says the story is `ridiculous'. Clijsters (who is retiring after the US Open) was engaged to fellow tennis star Layton Hewitt.

Oguchi has also suffered racism in the game.

Onyewu: "There are some racist teams and racist players in Belgium. In one game the fans were making monkey noises at some of our players.

"Some opposing players will say stupid stuff like `You black this, black that' and you think to yourself, `What did you achieve by saying that?' It makes you feel like cutting the guy's head off but you just try to control your emotions."