Gary Speed: 'I Flashed My Backside At Sir Bobby'!

Gary Speed: "Everton's Tim Cahill reminds me of Alan Shearer; not especially tall, but fantastic in the air.

"Yeah, he's got a great leap, but more important than that, he only sees the ball.

"Shearer was the same. He's shorter than me, Shearer, but if you put the ball on the back post, who's going to win it?

"It's about determination and desire. That's what Cahill has."

"Why did I leave Everton and join Newcastle rather than Liverpool?

"There's nothing to say, really, I signed a confidentiality clause when I left, and anyway I'm an Evertonian so I would never say bad things about the club.

"Newcastle came in for me, I wanted to go, and that's all there is to it. I couldn't blame the fans for booing me when I returned in oNewcastle colours because they didn't know why I left, but they're great with me now when I go back."

"Kenny Dalglish signed me for Newcastle and he's a great fella. Very easy to talk to, but very difficult to understand. I want him to do well for Liverpool. But after Sunday's derby with Everton.

"Kenny always wants to play pass-and-move, quick football. And they'll really want to play for their manager. With that mindset, it's amazing what you can achieve."

"I learnt a lot tactically from Ruud Gullit. I know he had problems with the other side of things at Newcastle but with tactics and positioning, especially with me as a midfielder, he was spot on.

"And Bobby Robson was the greatest motivator, not so much from what he did, just the way he was.

"I showed him my backside once, when he took me off, and when I got home I felt so bad. I rang him and said: 'Look gaffer, I'm really sorry.' And he said: 'Don't worry about it, son, these things happen.'

"He had such a big heart, it just made you roll your sleeves up.

"I'm getting emotional. At the start he used to call me Sheedy, but that was great for me because Kevin Sheedy was one of my heroes."