Former Toon Defender Hits Out At Celtic!

Last updated : 17 September 2009 By Footy Mad - Editor

Gary Caldwell: "My agent went in and asked for figures which weren't anything near the highest paid player at the club.

"They were on a par with the players who are playing week in, week out, which I have done now over the last four years.

"I've proved I'm an asset to the football club and we asked for figures which fell in line with that.

"If the club say that's too much then I think they are kidding themselves on that they can pay others a lot more than they can pay me.

"If that's their opinion of me as a footballer then we'll need to move on.

"I want to play my football for Celtic. That's always been my stance and it's the club who have not been forthcoming," added Caldwell.

"Allowing my contract to run down could probably be good for me financially, but I have a young family and we want to stay in Scotland with Celtic.

"It's gone very quiet, though. If you are asking when my agent last had talks with Peter, it was a long time ago - a long time ago. It was left in the club's hands. Since then, nothing.

"I've spoken to the manager about it, but what was said will be kept between us."