Facebook Strikes Again - Cisse Doesn't Need This!

Last updated : 28 February 2014 By Footy Mad - Editor

Natasha Shiels took a photo of the club’s number 9 when he walked into The Money Shop on the West Road in Newcastle to transfer cash.

Later the photo was posted on Facebook and within 24 hours the mum-of-one received a call from a manager who told her the picture broke company rules.

Natasha Shiels: “Cisse makes all this money and for a photo I’ve been sacked. I just find the whole thing ridiculous. What upsets me the most is the fact that I’ve got a one-year-old and it’s hard these days to get a job."

“There’s me thinking ‘Eee there’s a footballer’ and I take a photo. I was just excited. I was behind the counter doing money transfers, but I didn’t do his money transfer."

A spokesperson for the Money Shop said Natasha’s picture of Cisse had breached customer confidentiality and data protection, and on Monday she was sacked for gross misconduct.

A Money Shop spokesperson said: “Money Shop customers are entitled to conduct their business confidentially.

“Any actions on behalf of staff which compromise that confidentiality can only be treated as gross misconduct, resulting in dismissal to preserve the integrity of the business and the trust of our customers.

“That is the case in this instance.”

She said:  “Cisse makes all this money and for a photo I’ve been sacked."

It is hardly Cisse's fault he earns big money at St James' Park, and why should he transfer money and end up on Facebook?

Sorry ... but that excuse doesn't wash.