Dyer Fears Ashley Could Ruin It AGAIN!

Last updated : 12 June 2016 By Footy Mad - Editor

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The former Magpies star has just seen the club relegated again and insists there is one big, big problem at the club.

Dyer, who was speaking at The Three Lions pub as part of Carlsberg’s ‘Pubstitutions’ campaign, said:

“Every manager who’s gone in hasn’t been in complete control of the club."

“They don’t buy the players, they don’t decide who goes, they’re basically just given a team to work with.

“(Rafa) Benitez is a blessing because he’ll be running the club from top to bottom. Him signing that contract means he’s going to be in complete control. He’s such a strong manager, he won’t be having that (being told who to play).

“Obviously, he’s going to get them back up, they’ll be odds on to achieve that and then they’ve got the structures in place that hopefully mean they won’t go back down.

Once again, Newcastle are under the spotlight again for the wrong reasons, with owner Mike Ashley receiving plenty of unwanted attention as he faces parliament over his running of Sports Direct.

"That's not Newcastle"

Ashley is perhaps the most obvious problem at Newcastle, but Dyer is confident the club can still turn things around with him at the helm.

“He got off to a bad start with the fans, changing the stadium, so they were always against him.

"But to be fair with Ashley, he does put his money where his mouth is.

“Some games it’s not full, you’ve got people walking out and that’s not Newcastle.

“The last game against Tottenham, I was expecting to see protests, but there was a carnival atmosphere, and I think it was to show Benitez, this is what it will be like.”