Do We Need Fans Telling Us What To Do?

Last updated : 07 August 2019 By Footy Mad - Editor

This Boycott - Is It On And Will It Work?”

I was up Edinburgh for the pre-season friendly with Hibs and more than one fans said to me "nodody tell me if I should follow my team or when not to!" and they meant every word.

What are the issues around the boycott of the Arsenal game on 11th August which has been proposed by United fan groups who largely operate on social media?

At that time there were 13,000 season tickets left unsold, so support for the boycott looked possible.

Obviously, there is still a question of how many folks who hold tickets for the Arsenal game will still boycott – and we will only know the answer to that at 2pm on Sunday August 11th.

All things taken into account, it looks like support for the proposed boycott is likely to be at a level which equates to past actions – such as the walkouts, the “best balance sheet in the EPL” protest etc. Which would mean a crowd of circa 47,000 ish.

Everybody should be free to make up their own minds according to their own circumstances.

I think a boycott would be a waste of time, and show us Geordies - who have already PURCHASED the ticket - to be on a different planet to every other football supporter.