Did FIFA Take A Dig At Ashley?

Last updated : 07 October 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor
Blatter has called for tighter regulations on club ownership to deal with "out of control" investment in the Premier League ... simply because he fears English clubs winning the Champions League year after year ... undermining the power of Spain and Italy.

But was he getting a dig at Mike Ashley when he said: "These people sell their clubs as though they are selling a shirt"?

And we all know Ashley was one minute swigging pints with the fans at away games, then a week later the club was up for sale.

Blatter: "We have to be alarmed.

"We have one Prime Minister from Thailand going back to his country and he sells his club like you would sell a shirt. Something is very badly wrong here.

"I don't know how it can be stopped, but there is always a danger that these people will just one day leave.

"You get people turning up with banker's guarantees who are not interested in football and then they lose interest in the clubs and leave. What happens to the clubs then?

"We are facing now investment in football, particularly the Premier League, that is out of control.

"English football is attractive to investors - it is a phenomenon of the era. The economic power of football is immense.

"There are national laws in Switzerland, for example, when you buy property or make an investment, you must prove yourself. You have to prove your link with the area.

"We must ask ourselves about what motivates these owners and are they really interested in the game or just making money?

"There must be better control of football's finances especially in the difficult climate we are facing. I urge UEFA to work with the EU to tighten up the rules, otherwise there will be big financial difficulties in the future."