Copying Bolton Wanderers Is A Road To Disaster!

Last updated : 09 July 2007 By Footy Mad - Editor
Ugly football doesn't win silverware anymore. The days of "Boring Boring Arsenal"; the long ball; and 0-0 draws are long gone. Football has moved on.

Manchester United graced the Premier league last season with some breathtaking football, and Liverpool thrilled the nation as they flew the flag in Europe.

And I find it staggering that Taylor would be happy to see us play like ... wait for it ... Bolton Wanderers! I'd rather go shopping with the wife on a Saturday than suffer that.

We are the mighty NEWCASTLE UNITED ... a five times bigger club than Bolton Wanderers. Believe it!

Steven Taylor: "You have to respect Sam after the big names he signed at Bolton.

"Some of the players he attracted had Champions League winners' medals and title medals.

"There is no reason why he won't do that at Newcastle United.

"Not only will he attract top players, but he will get the respect - he already has the respect of the players here.

"We would like to be hated - people hated Bolton for the way they played, and I would be happy with that. It has been successful the way they have been playing.

"I think one thing we need to bring up here is to make everyone hate coming to St James' Park. We need to make it a horrible place to come to now."
Steve my boy ... get a grip!