Conflicting reports on Bellamy

Last updated : 26 March 2003 By Martyn Elliott

This morning’s papers virtually all claimed that Bellamy had been charged with a public order offence, but they look to have been somewhat presumptuous.

During the middle of the day Bellamy’s solicitor Graham Shear issued the following statement:

"Craig Bellamy was not charged following his meeting with police as they have apparently decided that the decision whether to pursue matters should be made by the CPS.

"And no summons has been received as the matter is still under consideration.

"The authorities have yet to decide whether any further action should be taken."

Earlier the FAW had issued denied that Bellmay was a racist, a spokesman commenting: "Craig firmly and categorically denies that any racist comments were made in relation to this incident."

Although none of the journalists covering the incident know what is in the file that has been sent to the CPS none of the many Police ‘insiders’ quoted mentioned any racist element to the possible charges.