Celtic Fans Hit Back At Shearer Testimonial

Last updated : 16 February 2006 By Footy Mad - Editor
The first e-mail to arrive:

Hi I would like to try and set the record straight regarding
your article on Celtic fans being unhappy with the shearer testimonial. I
am a moderator on the site that the piece about Celtic fans was taking
from (bhoy4life on cybertims). In defence of the poster who made the
original comments about the Shearer testimonial, I think it was unfair of
your article to give the impression that the majority of the Celtic
support were against the idea of being the opposition for Alan Shearers
testimonial. While the person in question who actually broke the story of
Celtic being the opposition back in October 2005 was against the idea of
Celtic being the opposition for Shearers testimonial his views did not
represent the views of the Celtic support. Granted there are those who
might agree with him, but there many who disagree, and like always the
Celtic support will show up in their thousands to enjoy a good day out in
Newcastle, drink some beer and take in some good football and pay respects
and homage to a man who has served the game for so many years. Like
Newcastle, Celtic have a massive following, and with this massive
following there are going to many differing views on the club and the way
things are going. I just think your article was a little unfair in
portraying the Celtic fans has having hatred for Alan Shearer or
Newcastle. While there is no doubting the Geordie faithful could sell
St.James Park 10 times over, there will be a massive Celtic support down
as well, doubt many will be inside the stadium apart from those given for
an away allocation but we will be down to have a good time and enjoy
ourselves. Hope I have made cleared this up and I wish you luck for the
rest of the season.

We gave the man his airing - quoted his article word-for-word and NEVER said his views were those of ALL Celtic fans! He made his bed, etc, and we never took it out of context.

And other Celtic fans were very quick to distance themselves from his comments as well. Here are just two we received:

James Forrest:
Forget all the bullshit eminating from the Cybertims site over
Alan Shearer. Believe me when I say this - Hoops fans love the big fella
and will come down to GeordieLand in their droves.
Especially now that The Beast has departed.
Your club has a place in many of our hearts. Forget about the sad few who
make up gossip to sound important. Want the real view of the Celtic fans?
Check out Celtic Quick News. You''ll find it on Google.
Take care lads. All the best.
I have no comment to make on
whether Celtic fans will be up in arms or not about  Alan''s testimonial,
but I myself will be in attendance.
Alan is a great player and I like the people of Newcastle.
Celtic have a massive good natured support who are guaranteed to turn out
in huge numbers.
Just ask Ryan giggs about our support.
P.S. Now you''ve got rid of Souness "The Beast" I hope your club goes from
strenght to strength.