Carroll And Taylor - The Inside Info

Last updated : 24 March 2010 By Footy Mad - Editor


FOGONTHE TYNE: If the mark of a man is how he reacts to a situation, then my respect goes to Steven Taylor for not squealing to the authorities simply because he came out worst from a fight.

According to George Caulkin in The Times, "While it is understood that Steven Taylor will not press charges against Carroll after their altercation at the club’s training ground on Sunday, he is believed to be seeking an apology from his team-mate and some form of disciplinary action."

Now then, if Andy Carroll is equally a man, then he'll apologise, shake hands, take a club fine and move on. Let's hope that this situation is about to get resolved.

ROTHERVALLEYMAG: Before we get carried away and suck Taylor's todger, can you imagine what would happen to morale and team spirit if Taylor 'grassed up' Carroll - and this led to Carroll definitely going down for his previous thuggery?

Taylor's life wouldn't be worth living, and the whole place would turn poisonous.

I would call this 'doing the right thing for himself and the club's immediate future'. Its a mess which anywhere else you would want reporting - a broken jaw for kryste's sake

But when it comes to what is best for us - we've put up with too much shyte, so morals and the right thing are suspended for now. A fine and and an apology will do for now.

But is there not someone at the club who can get these thickos to see that arguments over the size of your wad, and the grizzling of some slapper, should not in any way affect the club? Isn't there meant to be a club chaplain

DARLOMAGS2: Received this in an E-mail last night. I've had info before from this source and it turned out to be spot on, so I reckon this could be the truth!

Just spoke to my fooball agent mate who knocks about with Smith and Nolan.....Taylor was texting Carrols lass who has Andy's bairn, while the Toon were at Swansea and he was in Newcastle, asking her to come round...Taylor used to shag her before carroll.

Taylor is despised at the club by all, very arrogant and done his best to move to Everton last summer which pissed the lads off. His Fatha, has gone to the press and spinning loads of ****e on the back of Carrolls bother in the Bigg market....Here's the depth of feeling in the squad....Harper, Nolan, Smudge, Butt and Shola all went in and told Hughton yesterday to sell Taylor because of his selfish attitude.

Carroll is apparantly thick as mince but a good honest lad and easily wound up.. They were in the treatment room after training when Carroll went up to Taylor and said 'One chance to admit it as i've seen the texts' and Taylor just laughed at him and went to walk away and Carroll dropped him.

Good on the kid I say...The problem now is taylor and his Fatha are spinning this to the press behind the clubs back.....Just logged in to Lee Ryders blog on the chronical following the game and he says Jonas, Nolan and Butt all gave Carroll a big hug before kick off.

So...thats the truth. Let people know and make sure that Taylor doesn't get away with this, as Carroll could well end up in jail over it!!