Can We Go For A Pint With Ashley!

Last updated : 16 June 2009 By Footy Mad - Editor
Beresford wants to give them some advice on how it all works at Newcastle United.

Beresford: "I wouldn't want a penny and I'd even buy them both a drink - but both Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias really ought to come out with me for a night so I could let them know my view.

"I've watched this club and played my part in helping the club from the old First Division and playing Grimsby and Peterborough to going to places like Barcelona and swapping shirts with Luis Figo.

"I just wonder who is advising them sometimes. How can you not give Alan Shearer the job or worse still, do nothing and let other teams make progress in the transfer market.

"It means that every other club is cashing in and we are simply fading away. I have looked at some of the decisions in the last 12 months and thought "you are joking".

"In fact I think in the last 12 months you could pinpoint every decision they have made and use it as a guide as How Not to Run a Football Club, it would actually make a good selling book.

"I know the Newcastle fans are renowned for their loyal support.

"But while they would follow their team through hell and high water, just what incentives are there for them to renew?

"Their heads will be telling them to not bother. And I couldn't argue with anybody who did that at the moment during a credit crunch as well."