Cabella Admits He Struggled

Last updated : 29 January 2015 By Footy Mad - Editor

Remy Cabella: “I am enjoying myself. Each game is intense from the first until the last minute.

"Me who arrived from Montpellier, I need some time to adapt. I have lived through several months that were a little difficult both on the bench and on the pitch.

"I am discovering a new league and new players. I feel much better, I am playing my game as I feel it.

“I don’t regret the decision at all. The decision, which I made, I take responsibility for and do not regret.

"We learn when we are put in difficult situation. It is not because I am not playing or only little that I should say to myself: “Ok, now I am leaving.” That is too easy.

"At Montpellier, I rose steadily. When I became a “pro” for the first time it was difficult. It took my 2 or 3 years to feel good. Here, I arrive with new players, we need to recreate something here.

“In order for me to be at the Euros, I need to be starting and performing for my club. I came here for that reason, to know something else.

"The day that I complete my gaps, I will be better and I will return to the national team.”