Boycott Talk Is Utter Rubbish!

West Ham fans have come out in sympathy for Newcastle supporters, and themselves, as broadcasters are rumoured to be set to push the boundaries even further.

But to suggest, as some national newspapers have already, that the Toon Army will "boycott the game" is utter RUBBISH!

Image result for West Ham v Newcastle UnitedIt's a ground we have never visited before and the tickets will be snapped up in no time.

Rumours abound that when the next lot of live TV games are announced, they could include West Ham v Newcastle and Arsenal v Liverpool.

Nothing strange about that you might think, until you learn the two matches are currently scheduled for Saturday 23 December and the pair of games, are rumoured to be set to be moved back by one day to…Christmas Eve. Surely the very worst possible day to consider moving games to…

Yes, Liverpool and Newcastle fans could be racing Santa to get home on 24 December before 25 December appears, that is if you have transport to make your journey.

Travelling Newcastle fans are currently enjoying a run of away games which has seen the first four trips all moved to a Sunday – Huddersfield, Swansea, Brighton and Southampton – before that run will be broken with the fifth away match (Burnley) moved to a Monday night!

Newcastle have proved a popular pick for Live TV games so far and now we await the December & January TV choices, with these set to be announced on or around 12 October 2017.

We are used to having matches at all kinds of times over the Christmas period and Boxing Day games are especially looked forward to – this year Newcastle have Manchester at home on that day, unless of course it is pulled forward to 25 December…

Anyway, as well as being annoyed on their own behalf at the possibility, nice to see West Ham fans outraged on behalf of Newcastle supporters as well.

West Ham fans comment via their top independent site Claret and Hugh:

‘It’s a crazy idea –how are fans getting home ?? Especially NUFC.’

‘Likewise – awful idea.’

‘Just because there are hardcore fans who will always do their best to attend, that doesn’t mean they should be taken for granted.’

‘Absolute joke!! Once again Sky and money money ruining football!! Feel for Newcastle fans, would love an empty away end to prove a point!! But they will still dress it up as a 56k sell out.’

‘How do Newcastle fans get to London and back home for Christmas on Christmas Eve?’

‘Non-starter for me, but then I wouldn’t vote for 8pm Mondays, Fridays, 5.30pm Saturdays or 4pm Sundays either!’

‘I’m not even sure I’d have the time to sit and watch a game on Xmas Eve on TV.’

‘If they want it they’ll do it. The ‘travelling’ fans, that’s the supporters of all participating teams, don’t and wont get a choice. We count for nothing these days I’m afraid!’

‘This is a lousy idea for anyone but Sky and their subscribers.

They know full well the ground will be as full as it normally is (or thereabouts) because we have so many season ticket holders.

It’s a terrible thing to do to Newcastle fans too and is just exploiting fan loyalty/masochism.

For other products sold that ride roughshod over consumers whose demand is inelastic, see the tobacco industry (although in their defence, you can wean yourself off tobacco, and it is less harmful to one’s health than watching the Irons).’