Bernard happy at United

Last updated : 20 May 2003 By Martyn Elliott

The French full back was said to have claimed that Newcastle was a boring place to live and that the club was being run by the wrong people, but he has issued a strong denial and insists that he is happy at the club.

As well as the standard denial though Bernard was keen to explain exactly how an interview given to a French newspaper came to be twisted by one of Fleet Street’s less reputable publications.

"I was asked about the chairman and I replied that I didn't know him too well because I was involved more on the footballing side and he is a businessman," he told the Evening Chronicle.

"But I respect what he has done for the club. He has backed the manager all the way which is why we've got to where we are.

"As for the North East being grey, again I was pushed for a comparison with Guadeloupe, which is where my family come from. And I said it's a lot warmer and sunnier out there. Anyone knows that is right when we're talking about the West Indies.

"But none of that affects my football in Newcastle. That is a different matter, a happy matter. I respect those who run the club, the fans, my team-mates and especially the manager. I want to stay and do even better.

"However, even if I hadn't been in the first team, I wouldn't have had a pop at the club. It is not my style. I keep myself to myself and say very little publicly."