Ben Arfa Involved In Road Crash!

Last updated : 05 November 2014 By Footy Mad - Editor

His Mercedes sports car was involved in a collision with a "brand new" Fiat Panda.

The Newcastle star is on a season long loan at Hull City.

Lynne Gill, who's car took the brunt of the crash, told the Hull Daily Mail: “I heard this almighty bang and a screech of tyres. I looked outside and the Fiat, which had been parked in front of our house, with the handbrake applied, was gone.

“When I looked further, it had ploughed into next door’s garden. It had only been stopped after hitting a concrete post.

“I ran outside. A gentleman from an allotment nearby told me someone had smashed into our car, stopped to look at the damage and then driven off at a rate of knots.

A little worse for wear, but the Panda survived

“I was about to call the police to report a hit and run when a big, dark grey BMW pulled up outside our house.

“Two men got out and started taking photos. Neither of them would look me in the eye.

“One of the men turned to me and said, ‘I have got to get to training’. I said to him, ‘What do you mean you have to get to training?’

“I told him he was not going anywhere until he gave me his name, address, car registration and insurance documentation.

“He gave me his name, Ben Arfa, a French phone number and showed me a photograph of his car, which showed the registration plate.

“He told me his friend would be round later and the two of them went off.”

Ben Arfa showed no ill effects from the accident, returned to sort out the mess, and played in Hull’s match with Southampton the next day.