Bellamy More 'Complex' Than We Thought!

Last updated : 15 October 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor
When he was at Norwich City the players locked him in a dressing room locker because they were sick of his attitude.

At Coventry he was litterally "sent to Coventry" when he fell out with some of his team-mates.

And at Newcastle he was a powder keg just waiting to go up in flames.

But ... he claims Wales fans cannot have a prouder Welshman to lead their team against Germany tonight ... because he has taken up researching history!

Cardiff-born Bellamy has a new tattoo on his right arm depicting Welsh legend, Owain Glyndwr (WHO?).

Glyndwr was apparently the last native prince of Wales and is well known ... errrr ... in Wales.

Bellamy: "Owain Glyndwr is a big hero for me, the biggest Welsh hero there has ever been.

"I am massive on him. I have done all my Welsh history over the years and it (the tattoo) followed on from the study that I did on him.

"I am Welsh, I want to know where I am from and who he was. I enjoy history, but mainly Welsh history. We need to do more about such things in Wales.

"I designed the tattoo myself. It's similar to the statue of him in Cardiff.

"It took a while to do, and I wasn't injured then. But it has been banned now by some clubs, certainly my doctor at West Ham, to have tattoos done during the season.

"This is a huge task. Germany got to the World Cup semi-finals, and then the European finals this year.

"People say this is not the best German side but they are doing really well in tournaments and they always seem to qualify with ease. To me, this is a good German side.

"It's a tough one. A lot of our lads played against them last year and got a draw, but maybe the Germans felt they were already qualified and took their foot off the gas.

"We will be under pressure for long spells and when we do break we have to make the most of the opportunities. We must cause them problems when we do that."