BBC Refuse To Call St James' Park By Its Name!

Last updated : 21 January 2012 By Footy Mad - Editor


... but the BBC refuse.

In November Mike Ashley announced the ground was being renamed Sports Direct Arena, but many fans reacted angrily to the change, saying it was ruining 120 years of tradition.

Councillors agreed to write to media outlets "respectfully requesting" them not to use the new name.

The motion was debated, amended and carried unanimously at full meeting of the council.

Statement: "It requests that the city council write to the media and asks that they continue to use the name of St James' Park in all reporting and refuse to use the name Sports Direct Arena.

"We respectfully request that you take this approach."

Newcastle United refused to comment.

The BBC said in a statement: "As of 10 November, the Sports Direct Arena became the official name for the ground as chosen by the club.

"It is not the BBC's place, as an impartial public broadcaster to decide or debate on whether this is correct or not, rather to report on the matches which take place on the field.

"Changing the way we display the graphics or refer to the ground on our programmes ensures consistency with every other ground which has a sponsor, be it new grounds that came with a sponsor like the Emirates, or old grounds that have changed their names like Bradford City's Coral Windows Stadium (formerly Valley Parade)."

At the end of the day ... those that call it St James' Park are the ones that matter ... who gives a shit about those that use the new name?