Barton Set For England Cap?

Barton told the media two weeks ago that he was as good as any English midfielder in the country, and suggested the England manager wasn't interested in him because of his past history.

But some suggest he could make the England squad for the international friendly with Denmark in Copenhagen next month.

Glenn Roeder: “Everybody I know that has worked with Joey Barton says that 99.9% of the time he is terrific. He’s been excellent this season and I would back an England recall by Capello.

“He’s had his knocks in his footballing life – and life in general – but how long do you continue to punish somebody?

“You can’t punish somebody forever.

“If he does get in, it would be a pat on the back.

“I know that he had a little slip when he punched Blackburn’s Pedersen in the guts, but other than that he’s been perfect.

“There has to be a time when you forgive people.

“He’s motivated in training from what I hear and he’s on the right road, he’s now got to stay on the right road.

“Stuart Pearce had him at Manchester City and for a while he was like Steven Gerrard to them – I think he’s now back to that type of form.

“He’s been very positive, and it would be very good for Newcastle United to have a senior player in the squad.

“That would be a reward for the club in general this season for their efforts.

“I know that Fabio Capello has broad shoulders – he knows his own destiny with England now.

“He’s decided to call it quits at the end of this contract.

“He’s Italian too and he will be used to getting it in the neck by the Press no matter what he does, it’s all water off a duck’s back to him.

“It won’t bother him if there is a reaction.”