Barton Has Paid The Reaper!

Last updated : 29 October 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor
There is only so much a man can take, and at the Stadium of Sh*** he took enough!

Pelted with bottles and coins as he warmed up, confronting the ugly face of HATE! It was hideous, repulsive and not what you want kids to see at a football match ... or anywhere!

The fact remains - Barton has done his time; the FA and Newcastle United have allowed him back into the game; he has to live his life and deal with his past ... but as NEWCASTLE UNITED FANS ... let's get on his side!

Barton owes the fans, and the way he took that ball to take the penalty last night exorcised a few demons.

It was like Stuart Pearce when scored in that England penalty shoot out to rid himself of four years of hurt.

Barton ran to the fans in the Leazes End and showed a lot more pride than I have seen from so many parasites who have wore the black and white in the past - the likes of Marcelino, Fereday, Luque, Shinton, McDonough, Maric.

Afterwards Newcastle boss Joe Kinnear told Barton to start paying off his £5.8m transfer fee.

Kinnear: "I think he wanted to prove a point and he put it away very well. I am really pleased for him.

"We can just let him play football now and get on with it.

"It's an opportunity not to get back into the good books, but an opportunity to have a relationship with the fans.

"He was bought for more than £5million, so he has got to play up to that price. He has got to be given every chance.

"I hate digging up the past and it won't ever make him any better in some people's eyes, but in football terms, he has done himself a power of good tonight."

Can Barton Have A Relationship With The Fans Again?

I really - REALLY - hope we can look to the future and forget the past.

How about it, Toon fans?