Back in the title hunt?

Last updated : 02 January 2003 By Martyn Elliott

Sir Bobby

"It’s a splendid result. It was important to begin a new year, 2003, in a splendid fashion. We beat a very big club today.

"We didn’t beat a team that was in the middle section or towards the bottom. It was an immense victory. We’ve won a big game against a big club and gone above them with a game in hand.

"I would suggest to him (Robert) that he hits one of you (a journalist) every time.

"That gets rid of about 20 of you and it will improve his performances. I think that’s a very good idea.

"I’ve nominated the next one!"

"I don’t think we will win the league, I think Arsenal or Manchester United will win the league. We’re not quite where they are.

"We’re not very far behind and they’ve both got to come here and Chelsea have to come here.

"But we’ll threaten it and we’ll make it difficult for other teams to win the league. I said that this time last year, and I feel the same this year."

Gerard Houllier

"It’s a disappointing result but also a disappointing performance. When we played Newcastle at home, we deserved to win and they were lucky and probably got out of jail to get one point.

"But today, I have to realise that we were beaten by a team which were superior to us. They were probably more ready to adapt to the pitch condition.

"They won the challenge. You’ve got sometimes to put your hands up and say they were better than us, because I think they were.

"They won the battle, and I think in English football you have to win the battle before winning the game.

"We never gave in. Even when we were down to 10 men, we showed we never give in. If you want to say our title hopes are finished, personally, I think it will be difficult."