Ashley To Ban Flags Now?

Last updated : 01 February 2018 By Footy Mad - Editor

Flags at the Newcastle v Burnley match took a new twist, from backing Rafa Benitez to attacking Mike Ashley - The Last Hurrah?

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A big well done to those responsible for the Flags at the Newcastle v Burnley match, but Ashley is sure to spit his dummy out.

They had hinted that they had something special lined up and with the game coinciding with the closing of the January transfer window, it was all very appropriate.

Despite the Mike Ashley PR machine saying the owner was backing Rafa Benitez with a £20m striker, not a single player was bought.

The Flags resurrected a Kevin Keegan quote, which famously told us not to give up and one day we will be rid of Mike Ashley.

The Flags showing:

“Don’t ever give up on your club, keep supporting it,

“It’s your club and trust me, one day you will get your club back and it will be everything you wanted it to be.

“Newcastle United is bigger than anyone.

“It hurts I know but just keep going.

“He is only one man. We are a city, a whole population. Trust me.”

Sadly, it looks certain to be the displays of Flags that will now be leaving us, instead of the owner.

Whilst the club have milked the Flags displays relentlessly for their own purposes, Ashley and his minions will surely be calling time on them, rather than putting them on the naughty step.

Fair play to the organisers because obviously they get a kick out of doing the displays and naturally will have known that they are now going to be blocked from further ones.

It was of course when Kevin Keegan was forced out and the Newcastle fans turned on Mike Ashley, that he took the decision to wipe out the 3,000 strong ‘Singing Section’, which had become the focus for very vocal protests against his ownership.