Ashley To Advice From Idiots!

Last updated : 02 June 2009 By Footy Mad - Editor
Sir John Hall: "The quicker he can sell, the better it will be.

"However, that is much easier said than done in today's climate.

"Let's get one thing straight: Mike Ashley came into Newcastle for the right reasons - as a long-term investor looking to build the business over four or five years.

"He wanted to globalise the club. He did not use it as a toy.

"He saw Newcastle was a fantastic brand, and he wanted to build that brand.

"However, he made massive mistakes. Too often, he probably took advice. That, combined with the recession, made for disaster.

"When I first came into the club, I knew nothing about running a football club, but luckily we found Freddie Fletcher, who had huge experience of the business from his time at Glasgow Rangers.

"He guided us through the minefield, so we did not make the type of mistakes Ashley has made. Sadly, I don't think Ashley has been able to call on that type of advice.

"What you also have to acknowledge, though, is that Newcastle's decline had begun before Ashley arrived at the club.

"Some of our managers have been disasters and ruined the club long before he came in."