Ashley Ready To Break Up The Club?

Last updated : 03 August 2018 By Footy Mad - Editor

Sounds like a mad conspiracy theory doesn’t it?

Image result for Newcastle United AshleyOn closer examination, there is definitely substance in the argument. I mean, who else (other than Mike Ashley) would constructively dismiss the great Kevin Keegan or mess with Rafa, a great manager who wants to build an empire here?

Who wouldn’t want to make money whilst being adored by your public?

I think we all know that there is enough evidence to suggest that this goes a long way beyond minimal investment for maximum return. Yes he has made a bob or two but that’s small fry to the riches of the Champions League.

Everything suggests to me that Mike Ashley enjoys winding the fans up, a view shared by Shay Given who pointed to the appointment of Joe Kinnear to agitate the fans. This all goes way beyond running a tight ship or a stand-off with Rafa.

His behaviour suggests that he is vindictive and doesn’t care less about the fanbase.

Bringing in Dennis Wise to keep Keegan in check was one example.

Sitting laughing with a pint in his hand while we were losing at Arsenal another ... because he is a TOTTENHAM fan! But getting one over on the Geordies was even better than Spurs suffering.

What do you expect though from a man who pretends to put the club up for sale to avoid investment?

The same man who goes for Sky interviews when the heat is on and gets away with it.

He cares not one bit for Newcastle United or its fans and his behaviour proves that.

Financially he doesn’t really need Newcastle United. But in true billionaire fashion, he is still making money from it.

I think his next step might be to call in his interest free loan, accept relegation and asset strip the team. He would then consider selling at a low price once he kept the £100m plus prize money.

Yes, he could make almost £400m that way!