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Last updated : 17 February 2014 By Footy Mad - Editor


Mike Ashley Out Campaign and other fan groups got together before the Spurs game on Wednesday night to stand together and be a presence outside SJP against the regime.

A mark of symbolism that this is not going away like other protests in the past.

Leaflets were handed out to fans before the game urging them to stop feeding the monster that is Mike Ashley; a total and sustained boycott of club shops, Sports Direct outlets, Shearer's (or 9 bar as it now called), bars in the ground and continued vocal demonstrations inside and outside the ground.

Some fans entered the club shop to voice their discouragement to other fans telling them they are actually not supporting the club in any way by buying shirts and other merchandise as money made from them doesn't go into the club but straight to Ashley's back pocket.

Kiosks inside the ground were also targeted including betting, food and drink stands.

Cards were handed out promoting a boycott of those business's that are associated with Ashley until such time he leaves the club.

Some will say a loss of a few million won't affect him but i think it will just as the march did and revenues are already down and we've went out the top 20 richest clubs in the world.

Million pounds is a lot to Ashley as he protects every bit of it with his life especially when we can;t get a player 'over the line' in the transfer window.

His brand needs to be made toxic so other business's don't want to do business with him.

And recently food outlet Papa John's have become the clubs offical 'Pizza sponsor' WTF.

There will be more campaign's for the remaining home games as more tactics are thought up in ways of hitting Ashley where it hurts.

Believe me this isn't going to go away,fans have had enough