Ashley Leaves His Manager In The Dark!

Last updated : 24 September 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor
All we have had from the Newcastle owner is a three page load of bollox about how he used to follow England in the World Cup, and how frightened he is to attend Newcastle games.

The rest of the statement you may as well eat fish and chips out of it!

Was he wanting sympathy or was that the rantings of a madman?

Regardless, Newcastle as a club and a team are in utter disarray!

They have lost their last three games, they have an owner who wants to sell and the caretaker boss Chris Hughton admits that he has had no real contact with his bosses.

While Ashley and Wise were spotted in Dubai out on the piss, allegedly taking the mick out of Kevin Keegan and the fans (* if you believe the report on the Tony Horne radio programme) ... Hughton is left to face the music and try and keep United's Carling Cup hopes alive.

Hughton: "We're just getting on with it.

"No, there's been no contact. We spoke about it before weekend's game, so from that aspect, nothing's changed."

No-one seems to want the manager's job while Mike Ashley is at the club, and the list of KNOWN managers who have turned down the offer has reached a dozen!

Due to the humiliation of it all, we hear reports Ashley will NOT appoint a new manager so there is a distinct danger that Newcastle will be in real relegation trouble before any semblance of stability is restored to the club.