Ashley Demands Profit If He Is To Sell The Club!

Last updated : 16 September 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor
There maybe a credit crunch, but Ashley is no mug, and he was told the Premier League ALWAYS holds its value.

You don't get price cuts in the top flight of football, and sometime soon an Arab sheikh, a Chinese entrepreneur or perhaps an Indian billionaire will come up with the £400million Ashley wants to line his overflowing bank balance.

The Newcastle owner will make another fat profit ... and although he produced three pages of "from the heart" fiction to pull at the heart strings ... he won't leave the club until he gets his rich pickings - just like Freddy Shepherd before him.

Let's face it ... it is totally undeserved considering Ashley has presided over one of the biggest takeover shambles in British football history.

That truly is saying something, at a club that has had Westwood the Pirate, Gordon McKeig and Freddy Shepherd doing "dirty deeds, done dirt cheap".

But in the past it has never come to this.

Never come to a situation where the owner, his family and his closest associates cannot show their faces inside St James' Park for risk of assault!

How could he turn the feelgood factor (with the return of Kevin Keegan) into bitterness and acrimony hatred?

The simple answer is that Ashley NEVER faced the music and answered questions from the media or the fans.

He sat in his little bubble and played his little computer "Championship Manager" in reality, not facing the truth ... or WANTING to face the truth.

Knowing when he got tired of the 'game' he would get a giant prize at the end of it ... whether he WON the game or NOT.

True, he paid £134million to buy the club and forked out an additional £110million to reduce the debt.

Big money by any standards and Ashley clearly feels aggrieved that fans are not more grateful for actions he claims saved the club.

But Ashley deludes himself if he believes the fans' anger is about cash.

It is about his inability to see that business ... and the fans' passion for their club ... are a million miles apart wnen it comes to Newcastle United.

The fans LIVE for their club. They don't do what Ashley does and jump from one club to another, when one club suddenly becomes unfashionable.

That is the Cockney way, and Geordies HATE it!

He tried to show the media he was "one of us", wearing his black and white shirt as though that made any difference.

As my dad used to say: "I don't need to wear a Toon shirt ... I KNOW who I support!"

Personally, even though he has ruined this season for us and it could take two years to recover from this shambles ... I feel sorry for Ashley.

He has his wealth and his "hangers-on", but deeply he wants to be one of us. And that day will NEVER come.

But don't worry, he'll be seen at Anfield next week; or Villa Park; with a brand new shirt.

That's the thing about Londoners ... they see the Premiership as the Carnaby Street of fashion.

And isn't it sad?