Allardyce Is Making A Noose For Himself

Last updated : 04 July 2007 By Footy Mad - Editor
Mike Ashley is a man who knows what he wants and he knows how to get it, and he will not wait around five years for some guy from the "sticks in Lancashire" to get Newcastle into the top six of the Premiership.

It is a big world out there ... some big name managers who (unlike Allardyce) have won trophies. The next trophy Allardyce lifts will be his first. He never won a thing as a player and he has won nothing as a manager, which already has Ashley looking around for his replacement.

Trust me, Allardyce had better come up with the goods, and quick, or he will be another Newcastle United managerial casualty.

Sam Allardyce: "With every year that goes by, the pressure gets greater and greater.

"Until we break that barrier - a bit like England breaking the quarter-final or the penalty shoot-out barrier - and the longer it goes on, the harder it will be to crack.
"But we've got to really try to not focus on that. We shouldn't start the season and say we are going to try to win the Carling Cup or the FA Cup.

"What we have to do is say: `This is the number of points we need at the start of the season to get over early nerves or the adjustment of new players into the side.'

"We have to make sure we get enough points on the board early on to not have those pressures that can come down on you within the first three or four games.

"If a club like Newcastle loses their first three or four games, all of a sudden it's `wow'.

"It's a different kind of pressure than there is at Bolton, and no player - no matter how cheap or expensive - can deal with that pressure on a regular basis. It's a big confidence-drainer.

"The fans here will show their anger. We know that, as good as they are at showing their excitement when things are going well, they will show their disappointment too.

"Instead of not turning up, like fans of many clubs do, they turn up and let their dissatisfaction be known, and we have to live with that."


1994 3rd - Kevin Keegan
1995 6th - Kevin Keegan
1996 2nd - Kevin Keegan
1997 2nd - Kenny Dalglish (From Jan 1997)
1998 13th - Kenny Dalglish
1999 13th - Ruud Gullit
2000 11th - Bobby Robson (from Sept 1999)
2001 11th - Bobby Robson
2002 4th - Bobby Robson
2003 3rd - Bobby Robson
2004 5th - Bobby Robson
2005 14th - Graeme Souness (from Sept 2004)
2006 7th - Glenn Roeder (from Feb 2006)
2007 13th - Glenn Roeder