Yank 'Plastic Geordies' Claim Wonga Are Forcing Cisse Out!

Last updated : 18 July 2013 By Footy Mad - Editor

dThere's a Yank "Toon" website doing the rounds in cyberspace that defies belief.

The guy could be Geordie, and if the truth was known he may have actually BEEN to St James' Park (pictured right) sometime in a distance past, but he runs his website from the land of the "free" ... where the hamburger is king!

This week his gripe is that:- "Wonga Are Forcing Cisse Out Of Newcastle".

Now, being thousands of miles away in Mickey Mouse Land, I'm not quite sure where this guy gets his facts from, but perhaps he needs a return to the 'Sports Direct Arena' to get his facts straight. Because that's what it was called before Wonga took over the deal.

Wonga could even have called it "Disney Land" .... which would probably have gone down well in the States.

But they didn't. They gave us back SJP.

And for the record - Wonga have NO say in the players who stay or leave St James' Park - HAVE YOU GOT THAT MR YANK?