When A Club Owner Starts Pulling The P.....

Last updated : 11 November 2013 By Footy Mad - Editor


Hull owner Assem Allam wants to press ahead with his plans to rename the club 'Hull Tigers' despite recent talks with supporters who are against the idea.

Allam changed the club's name to Hull City Tigers earlier this year and has a longer-term view of making it Hull Tigers, having previously described 'City' as a "lousy" and "common" word.

Yep, a man who with a love of tradition.

Who knows, perhaps one day some nob-head will come up with the idea of changing St James' Park to the name of a sports company (or is that TOO far fetched?).

Allam believes this will give Hull a greater chance of generating revenue - especially as the council own their ground - but many supporters are against the proposed switch.

The 'City Til We Die Group' met with Allam 10 days ago and held what it described as "essentially positive" exchanges.

In a statement released through the club on Monday, though, Allam said: "Having been deprived of opportunities to acquire the stadium freehold, which would have enabled us to create the infrastructure in the surrounding area, we will now need to focus on generating commercial income from elsewhere.

"A shorter club name will hopefully enable us to do so, with a stronger, quicker marketing impact all over the world."

A final decision is expected to be made early in 2014.