What Time You Walking Lads - 60 Or 69 Mins?

Last updated : 02 May 2014 By Footy Mad - Editor

NUST on Friday released a statement calling on fellow supporters to leave St James' Park after 69 minutes, with 1969 being the last time the club won a major trophy, of the clash with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side on Saturday.

The statement:- "The vast majority of supporters are angry and frustrated but are divided as to what, if anything, can be done to positively influence Mike Ashley and those who run the football club on his behalf.

"Some fans are prepared to hand in their season tickets, indeed many already have, and may not return until they believe Newcastle United is once again heading in the right direction.

"On the other hand, many supporters can't see any circumstances under which they would/could stop supporting the team at St James Park.

"This Saturday presents the perfect opportunity to send a clear message to Mike Ashley that fans, whether they are going to renew their season tickets or not, are United in their concerns for the direction the owner is taking the club in.

"Sweeping changes need to be made or else Newcastle United is in grave danger of relegation in the near future, and what should be a great club, brought to its knees.

"It is 1969 when Newcastle United last won a trophy and we are asking all fans to consider joining us, by walking out of St James' Park when the clock hits 69 minutes on Saturday, and miss the last 21 minutes of our final home match of the season against Cardiff City.

"Of course Mike Ashley can't be held to account for 38 years of those 45 years of failure but how demoralising is it when the people who he employs at Newcastle United make plain the club's priorities to do little more than try and survive in the Premier League and have no ambition to compete in cup competitions.

"Under Ashley, the club has no strategy or plan to win anything and as such supporters have no dreams, however remote, to seeing our club win silverware or even come anywhere near to realising its vast potential.

"We all love our club and a clear message needs to be sent out to Mike Ashley that changes are needed throughout the club, or else both he and all Newcastle United fans will be the losers."