Welsh Boss Wants To See Owen Bang In The Goals!

Last updated : 03 August 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor
Toshack: "Owen's in and out at Newcastle and had some injuries, and there is the England thing.

"He's been playing a little bit deeper but Kevin will know what to do with him.

"Michael will always be there to put the ball in the net and you never lose that. And having a boss like Kevin, who understands goal-scoring, will help him do that.

"I think we were all surprised that Kevin came back in the way he did.

"It was a difficult start for him and I think they went a while without a win. It was difficult circumstances.

"But he is seeing a big difference to how the club is being run now to the way it was when he was last there.

"Newcastle have nearly 8,000 fans out here to support them and that's fantastic.

"It's a real shame that their great public haven't had the rewards they deserve.

"You always hope that this year or next year Kevin can challenge again for trophies.

"He has some good players to work with, and hopefully they can do it next year."