Jonas Gutiérrez has recently been told by Pardew that he needs to rediscover the "je ne sais quoi" which made him one of Newcastle's outstanding individuals last spring.

Jonas Gutiérrez: "I play most of my best games on the left wing but because of the injuries we've had this season I've had to be more in the middle of midfield and it's been harder.

"But in some ways Alan Pardew is a bit like Diego Maradona.

"They are different people but they are both passionate for football. They have a real thing for it; they think about it in the same way.

"Maradona spoke of having 'Messi, Mascherano, Jonás and eight others'.

"The memorymakes me smile.

"It was something wonderful, those words from Maradona. It was a good time for me.

"Maradona told me he would still pick me even though I was playing in the Championship.

"He told me he didn't care and that gave me the confidence to stay after we were relegated. If Maradona had wanted me playing at a different level I'd have left."