Toon Legend Says Toon 'Quality' Will Shine Through!

Last updated : 16 March 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor
Bobby Moncur: "Looking at the other teams at the wrong end of the table, I don't think Newcastle will go down.

"I just think there is more quality in the Newcastle side to stay up, although obviously I am concerned with just three points out of the last 36.

"When I came here as a kid in 1960-61 we had Lenny White scoring goals for fun. Newcastle hit over 100 goals and still got relegated.

"We all said that it could not happen, not the way they were scoring goals, but it did, and of course Jim Smith took us down again after that in the late 80s.

"So sadly, twice in my lifetime, I have seen Newcastle relegated.

"Birmingham are fighting for their lives and they are really showing a lot of fire. In contrast, it is a long time since I've seen United fighting for their lives especially in some away games.

"Newcastle haven't shown any real fire but they have shown a little bit of fear and that's what worries me.

"Birmingham have a good attitude and they have been there before in a scrap. So come Tuesday morning, if Newcastle have picked up a point at St Andrews I will be happy.

"I have looked at the fixture list and I have tried to work out what points all the teams are going to get and it is just about impossible to do.

"But what is not in doubt is the fact that Newcastle's goal difference is poor and if it all comes to that it is a point less they have.

"What they also have are three crunch home games against Fulham, Reading and Sunderland at St James's Park before their last two matches against Chelsea and Everton.

"However, when you look at some of the away fixtures you never know - as the season goes on, different teams might have less and less to play for.

"I just wish United would show a little bit more fight, and I worry that some of the players are not really that concerned about the threat of relegation.

"I know it's easy for me to sit here not knowing what it's like to be in a relegation battle, but I am sure I would fight for my life. I wonder if some of the players know how much it would cost Newcastle United if they got relegated. It absolutely doesn't bear thinking about.

"I am definitely worried now but I still don't think United will go down because other teams have tougher fixtures. But United have to start picking points up.

"The good news is that it is still in their hands. Once you rely on other people, especially at the end of the season, that's when things go funny, especially over Easter.

"Newcastle United are my team and I don't want to see them get relegated.

"But I can only repeat it. After looking at all the other fixtures I am convinced that Newcastle United will stay up.

"And the three teams that will go down will be Derby County, Fulham and Bolton Wanderers."