Toon Legend Says 'Take The Easy Option'!

Liverpool legend Gerrard has been linked with a move to the vacant post at Ibrox, with Graeme Murty's Rangers future in doubt. But Alan Shearer laughs at football north of the border.

Image result for Newcastle Shearer Steve GerrardOnce a 'two horse league', the Chilly Jockos lost a horse, and for seven years it has been Show Jumping rather than a competition.

Newcastle United legend Alan Shearer has told BBC Sport that Steven Gerrard should take up the offer of becoming Rangers' new manager at the end of the season.

The magnitude of Gerrard's job at Ibrox was underlined by Celtic's 5-0 thrashing of bitter rivals Rangers on Sunday afternoon, as the Hoops cruised to a seventh consecutive Scottish Premiership title.

But Shearer believes Gerrard should take the job at Rangers, taking a swipe at Scottish football by suggesting that it would be harder to go into the English Championship and aim to get promoted into the Premier League.

"It's a big if because there are no guarantees but if everything is put in place and he is promised funds - and I'm pretty sure if he accepts they would have to deliver what they have promised to him - I think it's a no-brainer for him," Shearer told Match of the Day 2.

"If he were to take another job, for argument's sake in the Championship, it's a very, very tough league. He's got to then also get up to the Premier League and there's 12 or 13 teams can do that."

Gerrard retired in 2016 after a season in the MLS with LA Galaxy, and has since taken charge of Liverpool's Under-18 side as well as working as a pundit with BT Sport.