They Don't Like The Magpies Down Everton Way!

Last updated : 09 March 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor

I think it goes without saying, after Speed received death threats from the Blues fans, his love affair with the Goodison Park brigade came to a halt.

They are probably the most fickle fans in the Premiership, and I don't think many would argue with that, and Sheedy (like Speed) said he couldn't wait for the call to get away!

But this article on Blue Blog did take us by surprise. As the blue side of Merseyside have a half-decent chance of edging out Liverpool for a Champions League place ... this sticky Toffee was wanting rivals Liverpool to BEAT Newcastle!

Unbelievable! Have you EVER wanted the Mackems win at ANYTHING?

The Merseyside derby does have us wondering if they switch sides every now and again, as they "mix together on the Kop - in blue and red".

I did see a handful of Mackems try and get in the Leazes back in the 1970s, but not to share a pie. And we saw the Fullwell End breached by Mags several times during that period, and I didn't remember many exchanging scarves.

Blue Blog: "It's never nice seeing Liverpool win, especially not by three goals, and even more so when one of them is the type of fluke only scored by Liverpool. Unless it's against Newcastle.

"There are fewer more satisfying sights than seeing those self-proclaimed "Best fans in football" trudge off home after yet another crushing defeat under Kevin Keegan.

"I find it hard to pinpoint the moment I realised just how much I hated the shirtless weebles who follow the Magpies (except when they're in the lower divisions of course, but we'll deal with that shortly) but I think it was around the same time that 20,000 of them turned up for a press conference. I'm not even sure there are 20,000 people in Newcastle who can read, let alone claim to be members of the press.

"That was, of course, for the siging of the magic munchkin himself, Michael Owen.

"But back to the fans. They're the real victims here. Victims of poor diet and hygiene regimes, as well as whatever mental illness has been injected into the water north of Sunderland - a team whose fans I actually have no ill-feeling towards, despite their annoyingly similar accent.

"Newcastle have a nice, if slightly lop-sided, stadium, capable of holding something like 55,000 normal sized fans, or around 10,000 Geordies, comfortably. Which is handy, as should their beloved Magpies be relegated.

"Never before has such an influx of fanaticism been evident than when Newcastle were promoted to the Premier League. Unless, of course, it mererly coincided with Newcastle fans cashing in on their new-found equity in their homes, and selling them for £1.50 each, rather than the £1 for a whole street.

"And, let's face it Geordies, the sooner Newcastle get relegated, the sooner you can finish your community service orders by using your Saturdays to mop up gutters and paint over grafitti, instead of throwing your season tickets at yet another manager who only months before you were begging to be given a job."

Yep ... the pick-pockets certainly have an axe to grind.