The Toon Boss Who Was 'The Worst Motivator Ever'!

Last updated : 10 December 2013 By Footy Mad - Editor

... Keith Gillespie says that Ruud Gullit was the worst motivator ever.

He said he would bring “Sexy Football” to St James’ Park, but he was out the door before the foreplay!

Keith Gillespie was sold to Blackburn Rovers in 1998 after an emotionally-charged three years at United.

Keith Gillespie: “He was the classic case of a manager living off the reputation of his playing days.

“It was difficult to warm to Ruud because of his arrogance.

“On a good day, he would strut around the place like he was responsible, yet when the team got into trouble he seemed unable to react.

“There was no shouting or roaring.

“He just didn’t have the ability to grasp why players would make the kind of mistakes that he never did in his pomp.

“Without that understanding, he was a terrible motivator, the worst I have played under.

“He rarely spoke to us individually and, when he did, it seemed as though he was looking through you.

“Kevin Keegan made you want to play for him.

“Gullit struggled to inspire anybody, and seemed happier alienating people, even if it was a key player like Shearer, which ultimately cost him his job.”