Steve Bruce Calls on the Premier League Elite to Support EFL Clubs

Steve Bruce has called for Premier League clubs to each give £2m to their lower-division counterparts in an attempt to help EFL teams confront the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

Bruce has played and managed clubs in the lower leagues; starting at Gillingham, he also managed Wigan - who went into administration on Wednesday, just days after being bought by Hong Kong businessman Au Yeung Wai Kay.

The Newcastle manager said in an interview with the Guardian: "The world has practically collapsed in the past few months and I do feel the Premier League clubs must, I repeat must, try and help support the Football League".

EFL teams are struggling with the financial consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

"If you speak to some of the smaller clubs, they're in a desperate situation. If we're not careful, we're going to have a structure like we have now. From what I'm hearing from managers and chairmen, it's on the verge of collapse. If we're not careful I believe we could see the collapse of lots of teams.

"My blueprint for helping them would be to find a couple of million quid and put it to the clubs who badly need it. A million or two million quid in the Premier League these days seems to be nothing. But in the lower leagues, that would probably keep them all going for a season. Basically I think it needs a donation from Premier League clubs.

Bruce also revealed how, in conversations with Gillingham's chairman, he became more aware of just how much the COVID-19 crisis will affect lower league team who generally rely on matchday gates to pay expenses.

Steve Bruce has performed admirably at Newcastle this season

"I remember having a conversation with the chairman of Gillingham and him telling me how hard it is with no income, no revenue from the stadium and no supporters.

"They're finding it very, very difficult. I learned my trade in the lower divisions - I was at Gillingham a long, long time and I'll always be eternally grateful that a small club like that gave me my chance when no one else would. So I've always kept in touch with the people at Gillingham and I know just how hard it is."

Source : 90min